Established in 1941, Samra was founded on the base of a vision for legacy. The House of Samra, overseen by the third generation of family jewelers embraces over eight decades of expertise, rich cultural and family heritage and finesse on par with the cosmopolitical lifestyle of its home Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Inspired by modernity, versatility and master artistry, the House of Samra is preceded by its impeccable reputation. Complimenting the opulence and enigma of the Emirates, Samra’s dedication to crafting jewelry with the epitome of luxury sits on the cornerstone in its vision of dedication to innovation, sustainability, and versatility.

As one of the leading jewellery houses in the Gulf Region, Samra incorporates the strictest measures of quality, design and expertise that are intrinsic to the brand philosophy. A testament to its many years in the industry, the House of Samra’s roots in prestigious legacy is woven in its commitment to ingenuity and an unwavering pursuit of superior quality and innovation.


Distinct in Arabian Heritage, the House of Samra comprises geometric and calligraphic expressions, talismans and artistry stemmed from Arabian Art to evoke creations that are expressively eccentric and iconic. As avid collectors and advocates of Arabian and Islamic Art, the Samra family’s journey in transforming

Arabian Artistry is an integral part of the brand identity. Through modernizing traditional designs through geometrical elements, rose gold, diamonds, precious stones, and Mother of Pearl is a captivating exploration of culture and contemporary creativity. With a resplendent muse of regal femininity, Samra’s enduring source of inspiration, allows the House to consistently craft exquisite, high end fine jewellery, tailored specifically for the modern, empowered woman.


The House of Samra is committed to the power of collaboration and strength of its community. Through the “Samra Collective” the House highlights outstanding
members of the Emirati community, including artists, poets, businesswomen, and others, through inviting them to partake in the creative process and input their own unique perspectives and talents into the Samra framework.

The unique stories, emotions and diverse inspirations celebrate the rich tapestry of the Samra community, fostering connections and empowering people to express their creative process through the medium of fine jewellery.