Introducing the Wid Collection

An Ode to Eternal Elegance by Samra
Samra is pleased to unveil the Wid Collection, a new chapter in its legacy of creating extraordinary jewelry that transcends time. Emblems of eternal ardor, the Wid Collection is a masterful convergence where the fluidity of love meets the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Within Samra’s atelier, skilled artisans have composed a symphony of light, distilling the essence of love and passion into exquisite diamonds and lustrous gold.

Nurturing Family Ties and Cherished Relationships

At Samra, the importance of family and the special bonds we share with our loved ones is deeply understood. The Wid Collection has been meticulously crafted with this sentiment at its core, making it the quintessential choice for commemorating life’s most treasured moments. Whether marking a milestone anniversary, expressing gratitude to a beloved family member, or symbolizing a profound commitment, Wid creations serve as elegant reminders of the ties that unite us.

An Artistic Expression of Connection

The Wid Collection is a tribute to the architectural grace of cubic forms, ingeniously reimagined and transformed into symbols of feminine sovereignty. Each piece in the collection is a testament to love's infinite dimensions, capturing the depths of devotion with every facet and angle. Designed for those who treasure love as their most precious jewel, the Wid Collection is more than an expression of style; it is a celebration of the relationships that enrich our lives.

Selected For You

Elegance in Every Detail

Every piece in the Wid Collection narrates a story of love and connection. The intricate designs and exceptional craftsmanship reflect the strength and beauty inherent in familial bonds. Just as the facets of a diamond catch and reflect light, our relationships illuminate our lives with joy, warmth, and brilliance. The lustrous gold, emblematic of endurance and strength, mirrors the unwavering support and loyalty found in enduring family ties.