Samra launches Azm Turath

Samra launches Azm Turath

Azm Turath is an elegant symbol of dreams, perseverance and direction. It's presence is an inspiration for someone who believes in chasing dreams and achieving success in their lives.

On a continuous mission to empower the modern woman, The creative team at Samra dreamed of a collection to highlight the geometry, Arabian Artistry and heritage synonymous with the brand in appose with the highlighting the steps one must take in order to reach their goals. Together with the in-house master artisans, Samra was able to create Azm Turath, an addition to the Turath line.


Turath- a reinvention of Arabian classic artistry and traditions. A modern representation of transcribed art and geometry inspired by the intricate Arabesque motifs originated from Arabian history.

A symbol of dreams, perseverance and direction. Azm Turath, translated to determination in English, captures a motivating geometric emblem designed with octagonal layers to resemble the bold steps taken in life. Discover the mystical beauty of Turath through the suspended Tiger Eye stones encapsulated in mesmerizing prisms.

Tiger eye, a metamorphic crystal has properties of discovering your self confidence and inner strength that captures your spirit.